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their special formula of hyperallergenic smoke fluid which is used to supply the smoke machines that fill the haunted houses that creep you out at halloween. >> when we started the business, it was more of a necessity, for a family entertainment center. >> a necessity, because they worked at a family-run laser tag center which used fog. and it was something which triggered chris' asthma, smelled terrible, and irritated customers' eyes. >> i had some respiratory issues with the fluid we were using. so we set out to try and at least make a version that was, for me, breathable. >> it was not that we were ever going to sell the product. it was just, can we make something that is better for the kids, and better for our employees, and better for us? >> with nothing on the market to solve these problems, they worked with a chemist to formulate their own pharmaceutical grade artificial fog-making fluid. >> we developed a product that was really cool. and, you know, for our use it was perfect. we didn't need it for anybody else. we just needed it for us. >> they never considered marketing it, unti
of militia men stopping to show us the video footage that you mentioned. it is rather gruesome and we haven't been able to independently confirm but it shows the body of what looks like gadhafi, either in the back of a vehicle or on the ground shirtless with blood around his head. he appears to have a bullet hole in his neck or back of his head. we met militia men that reportedly saw the bodies of his son, also in the back of an ambulance. and then we -- militia men with tokens of items that belongeded to gadhafi including a ring and hat and 9 millimeter gun and bottle of shampoo taken from his hideout in sirte. >> as you're mentioning, the u.s. government has not confirmed this death as of yet. as you have been speaking with those militia men on the side of the road, as you've been taking that trip to misratah have they indicated, any of them, that they doubt the reports that are out there right now that indeed gadhafi is dead. >> no, there's been no expression of doubt. the one thing we have been very certain about with our reporting is the mood. everybody here is excited, jubilant and re
. that was always the plan in theory. though the actual reasons it is happening is that iraq refused to give u.s. soldiers legal immunity for the reactions if they remain. a war that deeply divided the u.s., sold to us on lies couched in the fears of another 9/11. it is estimated to have cost is at least 799,948,099 so far not counting the interest we will have to pay on it. at least 4,477 died and tens of thousands more were wounded. 150,000 iraqis are estimated to have died in the war, 12, 00 of them civilians. 650,000 war-related deaths. joining us p.j. crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs, under president obama. a 26-year-old veteran of the air force, the omar bradley chair and strategic leadership at dickinson college, penn state law and thank you for joining us. >> good morning, chris. >> given the costs of the war that i just reeled off. this is the iconic example of the government doing something unjust and being unable to stop it it and watching in horror as it unfolded, what was your reaction yesterday to the announcement from president obama that this was fi
it is available thus far in seven languages with more to come, i'm sure. that does it for us tonight. thank you for joining us. we will see you again tomorrow night. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. have a good one. >>> walter isaacson is here to talk about his fascinating new biography of steve job and we will find out when he is writing his biography of herman cain. >> got a number? >> 9-9-9. >> this is mitt romney calling. it really is. >> see if he has an answering machine or not. >> mitt romney calls but republicans don't answer. >> it is an answering machine. ♪ >> it is the anyone but romney day. >> the stall may be an eclipse. >> accusations of flip flopping. >> he takes one position one time, another position another time. >> i'm sorry if i created confusion. >> romney said he is 110% behind kasich's -- >> he said he fully supported it. >> i fully support the governor kasich's i think it is called question two in ohio. >> one day after he said he didn't have a position, it plays in to flip flop. >> the republicans have had a whiplash on th
the terrorist threat they focused on. >> absolutely. the information we are receiving into us that say that sources confirm the case started when one of the men, the iranian americans made contact with an under cover dea informant and asked for assistance from a mexican drug cartel to assassinate the am bass tor. this is what sources are telling us at this hour. you can tell us any information you might have on the saudi diplomats, the saudi ambassador to the united states? >> he's a prominent spokesman in saudi government and very well recognized and very well respected in washington, d.c. whether you are part of the government or sympathetic, there is no doubt he was at the jurvethure of a lot of worlds that are critical and for that matter he makes a good target. it's not a secret that the saudi government shares concerns about iranian interest in that region and the saudis and iranians have clashed over a number of different issues including what's going on in bahrain and the struggle between the government protest in bahrain to the sovereignty of particular islands in the persian
a direct conversation with our legislators to get money out and get jobs in. more than 140,000 of us are standing together on the single issue, get money out of our political system and end the auction democracy. we got news this morning, and it was no surprise, on the other side of the ledger, the job crisis in this nation is unchanged. the unemployment rate, unchanged at 9.1%. 14 million americans by the white house's numbers are unemployed. and if you look at the actual data, 20%, one in five of america's workers, or 31 million americans -- i want you to think about all the jobs plans you heard about -- 31 million americans either out of work, struggling in a part-time position, or working in a job that does not require the college degree that they put themselves into debt to get. joining us now, peter morici, former chief economist for the international trade commission and professor at the university of maryland smith's school of business. also with us, msnbc contributor, jared bernstein, senior fellow at the center of budget and policy priorities, as well as vice president bide
. >> we'll play you the rest of the tape. good evening, folks. good you have to with us tonight. eight months after the early stages of a revolution by the libyan people, seven months after nato forces sent war sbleens libyan air space, and two months after the fall of tripoli, moammar gadhafi is dead. we would like to warn you in advance that the following footage may be disturbing to some viewers. it shows gadhafi captured by rebels, bloodied but still alive. the libyan prime minister says gadhafi was found in his home town of sirte. he was dragged out of a sewage pipe and was taken through the town in an open air vehicle for all to see. after a firefight, gadhafi was killed by a bullet to the head. one of his sons was also killed in the gun fire. news of the dictator's death was greeted with celebrations across the country. he ruled for more than four decades. tonight, libya is still not under any centralized control. will president barack obama had been criticized for leading from behind at the onset of the nato mission to depose gadhafi. today, he addressed the libyan end game fro
at home for joining us this week. one story list week almost made it into the best new thing in the world today but got cut at the last minute because something better came along. a story about an arkansas high school marching band turning up at the house of one of their player's grandmothers because grandmother was too ill to go to the game. i still love that story. go, rogers heritage high school. what roger heritage high school of arkansas pushed out of the best new thing in the world segment that day, what got cut from the marching band segment, is what mediaite highlighted as when horrible people unite. when the president of iran spoke at the united nations last week the main news he made, of course, is that everybody walked out on him again like they pretty much always do now whenever he speaks in public. quoting from "the guardian" newspaper reporting on the walkout, u.s. diplomats were first to leave when ahmadinejad referred to the mysterious september 11th incident as a pretext to attack afghanistan and iraq. the mysterious september 11th incident. good-bye, mahmoud. see you lat
," the show that was the mvp of the 1994 world series. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching on msnbc. you're listening live on sirius xm radio. shut us an e-mail or tweet me @willy glooet geist1. you do what the young yankee fan who found gadhafi does and text the word "awake" followed by your response to 622629. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this friday, october 21st. a lot to tell you about today including secretary of state hillary clinton in pakistan admonishing the government there to crack down on the terrorists in their midst, you know, terrorists like osama bin laden. plus, if your two teams stink, you might as well have a good old-fashioned brawl to spice things up. ucla and arizona throw down on a thursday night. the bizarre story that led to this fight ahead in sports. first let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. two months after being run out of power in tripoli after 42 years, moammar gadhafi was killed yesterday. early reports of his capture were met with guarded optimism. witness secretary of state hillary clin
at the incredible energy in our own mad as hell, get money out campaign. a geyser of energy is erupting around us. we believe this amendment is the harness to take it forward as we near our first-ever digital double of 200,000. we head towards 400 from there. more on that later, but we begin with mad as hell in lower manhattan. what a day. after winning their fight against being thrown out of so-called park cleanup, the newly empowered occupiers, with thousands descending in support, left the park and headed for wall street. hundreds hopping police barriers, clashing with cops. more than a dozen arrested. but as we know, it is by no means just new york at this point. there are, in fact, occupations in nearly 1,700 cities worldwide, with talk tomorrow of growing to be one of the largest global protests ever. here in the u.s., the protests are largely being led by young americans, many who are drowning in college loan debt. they were promised a college degree was the best way to get ahead. in fact, they were fearmongered into doing it, as they pursued the prestige rather than the learning. but the
an assassination plot, which the u.s. says was cooked up by elements, quote, inside the iranian government. what that means is a subject of wild speculation at this hour. whatever it was, it was a plan to attempt to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states on u.s. soil, and it includes the planned use of bombs and a foiled murder-for-hire plot that involves an opium deal with a mexican drug cartel. can't make it up, and it is, indeed, both terrifying and perplexing all at the same time. we begin with nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, we heard the attorney general say this was intended to be an opening act of a broader plot. what, exactly, is the quality of the information that we have that is tying this to whether it's the iranian government, the mexican drug cartels, and all the players that are sort of being whipped around right now. >> reporter: well, just those players that we know of. and it's a very straightforward line, according to the government. they say this whole plot was cooked up in the spring of this year, and the central character is a man named monsieur
editor. thank you both for joining us. let's replay what we know at this point to be reported. a lot of this gun battle happened in sirt. we know the rebels focused long on that part of libya and now it is reported the body of gadhafi, his son and one official. >> i have been speaking to the rebel standers and the details will emerge in the coming hours. there is particularly two brigades involved in this attack and it took place as we understand it in an animal feed factory in the southwestern part of the city of sirt. they noticed suspicious activity and reports of them trying to leave sirt. they engaged these armed men and they didn't know gadhafi could have been in the building or in the vicinity. >> they no idea gadhafi was with that group. >> right. it has been under somewhat of a siege with the rebels. they were prepared that somebody cab trying to escape. that's what they did. they engaged the people and at the end of the fight that lasted from 30 to 45 minutes. they had ka dafy in their hands. >> what are about the nato air strike that took place around the same time and tar
rather than prepare for the weather would be irresponsible. joining us from d.c., luke russert and jonathan capehart. good morning -- it's afternoon, 30 seconds after. luke, i'll begin with you, what is the reaction to the president today. >> reporter: well, the reaction of the capitol hill, john boehner said he's trying to work with the president to find common ground on solutions they can both support to help the economy. the house passed today that one part of the president's jobs bill, that repeal, 3% holding tax that aç lot of businesses were unhappy with. john boehner mentioned the free trade agreement. when it comes to what the president wants to do for the future of the country and what house republicans want to do, there is still a very deep divide. there's absolutely no appetite from house republicans for a big stimulus package. the president wants close to what the jobs bill was. even when broken in pieces it meets a brick wall. there's not a lot of appetite at the white house with the gop, talking about the forgotten 15 job creating measures. a lot of those have t
time. for more, let's bring in two experts on the region. with us one of the world's most distinguished war correspond epts, janine digiovanni. joining us from paris and the "new york times" columnist nick christoff. good afternoon to both of you. nick, a 42-year dictatorship broad to a bloody end. were you surprised at how gadhafi met his fate? >> well, it looked for a while as he might indeed be in sirte and seen that it was going to fall at some point. so in that sense it seemed more a matter of time, but it certainly is -- nobody wants to see his grave or anybody's grave, but it's a relief to everybody who has watched everything unfold. >> you watched the visit to libya and you describe a country haunted by the ghosts of gadhafi's reign of terror. is the widespread celebration a mark of how he terrorized his people? >> reporter: martin, i think we have to remember for 40 years, people were deeply traumatized by gadhafi. they lived in a world of silence and fear and a world where they cooperate speak and had no vote. they were terrified of being taken away and tortured and killed and
propaganda for the yankees evil empire. i'm glad you are up with us watching on msnb or listening to us on xm radio. shoot us an e-mail or treat me @williegeist 1. or do what justin verlander will be doing tonight text the word awake by your response to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes is your cram session for this monday, october 3rd. a lot going on today including john mccain's warning to chris christie about getting into the presidential race. plus 92-year-old andy rooney says good-bye to the "60 minutes" audience. and he goes out with one final sentiment to his viewers. leave me alone. cranky to the end, andy. we'll show you that clip later. first the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. >>> the state department is issuing a worldwide travel alert for possible anti-american attacks after friday's deadly drone strike in al qaeda linked terrorists in yemen. significant blow to the terrorist organization. the attack killed anwar al awlaki, the u.s.-born chief of external operations for al qaeda's yemen branch. he had been
't want to work, you're just lazy and you are just irresponsible. they used to say lazy and shiftless. they did blame themselves. that's would you we're organizing and mobilizing all over america. mr. cain, we're going to change things, because we're going to start blaming ourselves for not doing more. joining me now, from wall street michael mulgrew, president of the united federation of teachers. michael, how does it look? >> it's looking night. i have to tell you, this is an amazing thing that's going on. two days ago we sent out notices, expecting a couple thousand of people. there were over 15,000 people easily filling up the square and marching down broadway. people say enough is enough. we want fairness, we're going to stand up until we get it. >> now, the fight is about economic inequality. i remember not long ago you, i and others marched down, talking about unions. now you are there, as unions supporting the occupy wall street. this seems to be taking form for those that have variety of political perations, but are united around 1% of this country should not be controlling t
destruction program. in return what u.s. trade ford that was bringing gadhafi in from the cold. we pretended like gadhafi wasn't a murderous rogue dictator and narcissistic freak show, and a pretend relationship. a facade to treat libya like a normal country with a normal president. but libya, under moammar gadhafi, was not a normal country and he was an normal president. libya under gadhafi had blown up a 747 over the town of lockerbie. all 259 people on the plane were killed. the people on the ground were killed by falling debris. he blew up a passenger jet in 1989. another 170 people killed there. behind the hijacking of an italian cruise ship and in 1984, someone inside the libyan embassy in london fired at protesters, shot at protesters and killed a police officer. gadhafi is also reported to have had forces storm a prison near tripoli and massacre more than a thousand prisoners there. but then the american relationship with gadhafi went from us bombing libya in 1986 because he was that kind of country and that kind of tyrant, it went from us bombing them in 1986 to this kind of thing.
's no doubt we did exactly what we said we were going to do in libya. >> reporter: it was a limited u.s. role when the rebels faced massacre and pushing other nato nations to take over. rebels say he was shot in the head in a cross fire. this is closure to the loved ones of americans remembered at this monument in syracuse, new york, killed when the libyan dictator allegedly had their u.s. jetliner blown up in 1988. >> to finally get the man that ordered the bombing of pan am 103 is justice. >>> u.s. officials worry any aircraft missiles are unaccounted for here, islamic radicals could capitalize on the chaos. the revolution has won said president obama, but there's more to do. >> to secure dangerous materials andh) of all libians. >> reporter: two things libya has to learn with gadhafi dead. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >>> early this morning secretary of state hillary clinton who had just been to tripoli just days ago responded to gadhafi's killing saying it was a new era for libya. speaking from islamabad she also turned up the heat on pakistan saying there would be a very b
an operating democratic government of sorts. now it's time for us to come out and maintain contact. we will have a massive contact or presence. they have a huge embassy and there will be a couple hundred military officers in the embassy to monitor foreign military sales. time to go. >> as you pointed out, the countless lives lost and you cannot put a dollar on that. when you look beyond the loss of life, the number, the dollar, $712 billion spent to date on the war in iraq. let me bring in richard engle. i heard you say something i thought was beautifully put when the news broke and said so many other presidents who wished they could bring troops home for the holidays. here we are at this point. >> for the troops are all home for the holidays and i assume he doesn't mean halloween, he will be accomplishing something that hasn't happened for nine years. or nearly nine years. it is very significant. people would like to see an end to the iraq war. i watched this war fatigue build in america. many iraqis are nervous. they like the idea of having a small american presence. a trip wire or s
iraqi freedom has been at considerable cost to the nation. over 4,400 u.s. military kill and 32,000 wounded, including over 1,000 amputees, all at a cost of american taxpayers of $712 billion. in his remarks the president made it clear he intends to end involvement in afghanistan in the not too distant future. >> the united states is moving forward from a position of strength. the war in iraq will come to an end by the end of this year. the transition in afghanistan is moving forward and our troops are finally coming home. >> then this pronouncement that military families have been waiting for for almost a decade. >> here at home, the coming months will be another season of homecomings. across america, our service men and women will be reunited with families. today i can say that our troops in iraq will definitely be home for the holidays. >> as the president pulls down the curtain on one of the longest and most divicive conflicts in u.s. history, what is the reaction from congress? karl levin is the chairman of the senate arms services committee and joins us from capitol hill.
show do creator is here to talk about it all. >> great to have you with us. thank you for watching "the ed show." herman cain launched another tirade against the 99% movement. the former ceo of godfather's pizza blasted him last night. according to the associated press, herman cain called the occupy wall street protesters un-american. the pizzaman doesn't have a clue because he hasn't been there while herman cain has been touring the country on his presidential campaign/book tour i've been out there with the folks and i know they are not un-american. i'll let you be the judge. >> what this is the 99%. this is the vast majority of the american people. >> capital of the world is getting a lot of attention right now in terms of the mistreatment and the unfair burden that's being placed on working families. >> why are you i here? >> to tax the rich. tax the rich. they are not paying their fair share. >> they are not paying their fair share. i want our money back. >> there are republicans and this is not about a party. this is about a movement to take it back to the people. >> i'm here becau
to you at home for staying with us the next hour. former secretary of state condoleezza rice already published a memoir of her life. a book about growing up in segregated alabama, her rise to prominence as a russia scholar. her involvement with republican politics, her eventual ascendance to the highest ranks of the george w. bush administration. that book is already done. she published that book last year. but now condoleezza rice has published another one. a 734-page new book of which all 734 pages are apparently about her time in the bush white house. i have not read this book yet, you haven't read it yet either. we not have it yet. it is not out yet. i will read it as soon as it comes out and condoleezza rice, please do an interview with me on this show about your book. i promise i'll read your book, i promise it will be fun. i know you won't come. "the new york times" managed to get a copy of condoleezza rice's book early. the headline of their review of the book reveals the secret of all bush administration officials trying to ensure their careers do not die with the end of the
watching. dylan ratigan's here to take us forward. dylan? >> the vagaries of your opinion, sometimes, it's hard to tell where you're coming from, martin. that one was pretty clear-cut, i appreciate that. >> i'm damned with fake praise. thank you very much, dylan. >> i'll talk to you next time. the show starts right now. >>> well, good afternoon to you. nice to see you. i am dylan ratigan. it is a milestone monday for so many today. first, occupy wall street marking its one-month anniversary in occupation. more importantly, the movement has cemented itself as a worldwide aligned event. more on that a bit later. but we start off with our own milestone here at "the d.r. show," because over the weekend, we achieved our first-ever digital double. more than 200,000 of us joining in a partnership to simply get money out of politics, as a singular principle. as we've been saying, this is the beginning. our hope is that all of us will be able to join the debate on this proposed amendment and double our digital wave again and again, the 200, 400, 800, and so on, until we are massive
at getting, yes, more u.s. exports into south korea, panama, and colombia. what could be better than that? we'd be better off having a trade deal with california. there are more buyers for american products in california than there are with all three of those countries combined, and the only apparent benefit is the employment of north korean slaves and the ability to use bank secrecy laws in panama. doesn't sound like job creation to me. and while the rhetoric of free trade sells well, it just never seems to work out as promised, because it's not really free. it's kind of rigged, you know. the u.s. job gains tend to turn into the opposite, u.s. job losses. in fact, they had to pass a law to subsidize lost jobs on a bill that they said was going to create them. no joke! not to mention, obviously, the data from nafta, potentially wonderful ideas in global trade being corrupted by special interests that rig the system. and the auction that buys washington politics has convinced the pro-wrestlers down there that, for some reason, this is good politics, even if it's terrible policy to accept riggi
. >>> madame secretary, thank you for joining us. are you in herman cain's famously designated becky-becky-becky-stan. >> there's a zero, zero, zero chance i'm going to comment on republican politics, but i am in uzbekistan. >> we have mark haleprin. we also have the president of the council on foreign relations, richard hoss back with us. good to have you, richard. >> boy, hillary was at the top of her game yesterday, wasn't she? >> i thought she was great on "meet the press" and really seems like she has a handle on the situation. >> well, there's so many situations. >> so many. >> which -- i mean -- all the situations that people like herman cain don't have a grasp on. if you look at this past weekend. and look at all of the things that have gone down in the news, then you have -- you realize now is not the time to send an amateur to the white house. so whoever wins the republican nomination better have a firmer grasp on foreign affairs than the current front-runner. look, iraq, what does that mean? we're getting out of iraq. what is that going to mean for u.s. foreign policy? wha
room and announcing that as of the end of this year all of the u.s. troops will be out of iraq. all except for a handful or a small number protecting u.s. fa si facilities like the u.s. embassy. he said as promised, the iraq war -- america's war in iraq at least is over and the transition will be made to a new relationship with iraq's government. the reason for this withdrawal, despite secretary pennetta wanting to keep 3,000 or 4,000 troop there's as trainers past the end of this0Ñ!cjyear, the rn for not doing that is that iraq's parliament, iraq's government could not agree on granting legal immunity to american forces there. so they will be coming home. the president said they will be home for the holidays. jim miklaszewski is back with us from the pentagon. mik, this is a long history and it is the end of an era. >> absolutely. as chris matthews said earlier, the iraq war was unpopular from the beginning. there were many up on capitol hill and some even in the military at the time questioning really the wisdom of going into iraq while you were trying to fight a war in afghanist
to do violent things for money. that person turned out to be an under cover u.s. law enforcement agent from the drug enforcement administration and from that point on, this was a sting operation and everything that happened was monitored by law enforcement. two sets of wiring money to a bank account totalling $100,000 and discussing how they might do it and setting a bomb off in a restaurant in washington. all those things were done as the u.s. law enforcement watched interactions with the under cover source. what the two from iran were willing to do was astonishing because they were willing to blow up as many as it took to assassinate the ambassador. >> this is remarkable and what's the thinking behind deploying a mexican drug cartel ? >> simply this was apparently the idea. he said that or at least in discussion with the iranians in iran that they had the idea if you are looking for somebody who will commit crimes that were mercenaries that would do something like this violent for money and the place to go would be members of a drug cartel . one interesting point that is not immediat
hill. luke, democrats planned to use this against the gop during the election, saying that they have stopped jobs measures, stopped the creation of jobs. do republicans consider that? are they concerned about that at all? >> richard, this series of votes on the president's jobs bill really have been political more than anything else. it's well known that even if this bill were to pass the united states senate which is controlled by democrats, it would go nowhere in the house of representatives. it's controlled by republicans. what you're seeing is a series of votes squarely done for decision 2012 politics. last night, with all the republicans voted against it, you better believe democrat also make ads saying so and so running for president or senate or congress in the house, they voted against giving money to firefighters and teachers. they want to get these things they believe to be political viable, democrats do, they want republicans to vote against them and continue this moving forward. what's up next? we suspect there will be another smaller bit of the president's jobs bill this
like drill baby drill. chris joins us with the daily fix. how did that speech work for him today? >> you know, i think what he and his team are trying to do is find a public venue where he is more comfortable. he has been in this race and it has been defined by these four debates that we have had that he has participated in. it's not a good format for him. so i think what they are trying to do is as you said in the opening, push the restart button. give him a place to talk about energy. this is territory where he is somewhat comfortable and give speeches. he is doing more media appearances. i just think they are trying to get that negative perception that this is a falling stock away from him. >> and of course he used a tell prompter. so it all looked good, it played to his virtue. he did the morning shows today and this was matt lauer requesting him about the fact that his wife complained that he was brutalized by his faith. >> isn't it a bit hypocrite call to say you are targeted because of your faith but it was a surrogate for your campaign that introduced it in the first plac
's what they would have us believe. overseas, a big debt deal for the eurozone, writing down 50% of the greek debt, which 100% of which will never be paid, at the same time, inventing, literally inventing, much like our own federal reserve at the european stability fund, $1 trillion new that came from i don't know where, nobody does, to fund the bailout of the foreign debt, is the sovereign debt, here in europe. meantime, here at home, numbers on our gross sovereign product have an accelerate. keep in mind, the gdp is a number that dates to the depression era that simply numb measures the number of transactions in our country, but does not measure what those transaction is for. so a transaction that steals money is a equated to a transaction that creates value. in this instance, we're looking at extraction in this country, which looks like it's getting a little more busy. we've, of course, fired up the extraction machine again, using all of this invented money that's being funneled into our systems, the trillion dollars out of europe. and as evidenced by today's rally on wall st
lienee who ended his days hanging up side down. that's hard ball for now. thanks for being with us "the last word with lawrence o'donnell" starts right now. >> first ronald reagan tries to kill gadhafi, then george bush makes peace with him, then obama kills him. good figure. go figure. >> wow. huh. >> president obama is about to make a statement. >> dark shadow of tyranny has been lifted. >> the man president reagan dubbed the mad dog of the middle east. >> this mad dog of the middle east. >> this is one tough, not-so-nice guy. >> murdered americans and others in a tragedy in lockerbie. >> it is a big moment for the president. >> i think there is a big sigh of relief. >> gadhafi one way or the other is gone. >> rebels reportedly found gadhafi in a hole. >> the president was criticized. >> he took too long to do it and didn't do enough of it. >> this was a direct actionly the american military. >> america spent $2 billion total. >> we achieved our objectives. >> didn't lose a sixth life. >> i would not have intervened. >> he put us in libya. >> i would not have used american and europea
and more debunktion, i can tell, in your future. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the ed show." thanks for being with us. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight live from chicago. across the nation the 99% are organizing and protesting. republicans are bashing the protesters and complaining about the media coverage. i come to you from the windy city tonight with the truth. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> i'm here to protest corporate greed and have them do what's right for our country. >> the middle class movement is raging in chicago and all over america. and the republicans want it to end now. >> i for one am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs. >> they will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you. >> it's really important for us not to be giving any legitimacy in the streets. >> you'll hear from them tonight. >> i don't believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way. >> michael eric dyson will address herman cain's allegation. >> it's a theological cult. >> rick perry backer
. not my own children. i just show up and berate the officials. i'm glad you're up with us this morning watching on msnbc or listening at sirius xm radio. tweet or e-mail me and let me know who you're doing this early. we'll read the best responses later in the show. the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday, october 17th. a lot to tell you about today, including herman cain's big debut on "meet the press." plus, bill clinton serenaded suggestively by lady gaga with the secretary of state on one side of him and his daughter on the other. good times here. first, let's get to the news here at 5:30 a.m. politicians, activists, celebrities gathering in washington yesterday to mark the official dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. the structure is the first on the national mall to honor both a non-president and an african-american. it's located within sight of the lincoln memorial, the spot that king delivered the "i have a dream" speech. speaking at the event, president obama drew a parallel between king's struggle for equality and economic justice and thos
and joan walsh are here. great to have you with us tonight. thank you for watching. house and senate republicans are trying to sabotage president obama's jobs package any way you look at it. today john boehner and eric cantor shot down any hope, any hope whatsoever, of the house voting on the american jobs plan. >> the problem is the policies promoted by this administration that are sending a nal that we are not open for business in america. >> i think we made it clear when the president presented his plan that we were going to go through his plan, try to find those areas where we could find common ground. nobody gets everything they want. i don't get everything i want and i think the president understands the legislative process. >> the tan man and cantor spent the last nine months yelling where are the jobs now all they do is whine about the president's plan. today president obama hammered the republicans and named names during a speech in meese keet, texas. he went in to rick perry's backyard and nailed eric cantor for picking his jobs bill apart. >> the republican majority leader
. good evening, rachel. > thanks to you for staying with us the next hour. if you heard, word of the news tonight came for you on a device for which he was responsible. the iphone, the mac, the ipad. steve jobs was the man behind all of those. tonight, apple, the company he used to run announced steve jobs passed away at the age of 56. apple did not announce a cause of death, but it would be hard to characterize his death as entirely unexpected. mr. jobs stepped down from the company in august. back in 2009, of course, he underwent a liver transplant. and it was seven years ago that he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. just yesterday apple held a press conference unveiling its latest iphone. and i have to tell you, it was viscerally strange. really just profoundly odd not to see steve jobs up there on stage in his little black turtle neck and his jeans. as there were those years in the late '80s and early '90s when steve jobs worked somewhere else. despite that, when you thought of apple, you thought of steve jobs. we thought of apple a lot. just as much as apple was and still is,
of the pro-gadhafi strongholds in the ongoing civil war. as he tried to flee, nato air strikes and u.s. drones hit gadhafi's convoy. that much the u.s. has confirmed. gadhafi, apparently, however, survived the hit and was later found inside this drainage ditch. you may have seen this picture today. he was arrested from inside the ditch and then died while in custody. now, video of his final moments seems to back up the claim. some say gadhafi died from injuries sustained in the original air strike. otherwise say he was subsequently executed after they arrested him. regardless, the transitional government now has custody of gadhafi's body in misrata. celebrations breaking out almost immediately in tripoli and across libya. >> just this beautiful moment right now, i thought a dream just came through. >> we killed everyone like the gadhafi. >> all the world is suffering because he's doing -- because he was doing terrorist operations. and now we are happy. >> now comes the not-so-easy task of building a new country. three now, we have seen, go to this transitional state. but first, of cour
gadhafi. those reports unconfirmed by u.s. officials. these all coming from rebels. ap obtained this cell phone video from a rebel commander saying this shows gadhafi's body on the ground. we have not been able to independently confirm that. this picture taken a rebel commander's cell phone. neither u.s. officials have been able to verify this is indeed gadhafi. nonetheless, from the capital of tripoli to strongholds across the country, celebrations have broken out across libya. moments ago, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke about what this means from kabul. >> they made very clear they recognize they have a lot of work ahead of them. they have to try to unify the country, unify the militias under a unitary command. they have to disarm a lot of people who have acquired the thousands of weapons that gadhafi had stockpiled and that they worried that, if ga daf g were still at large, he would be waging guerrilla war against them. he would be recruiting mercenaries, paying with the gold that they believe he had absconded with. so if he is removed from the picture i think there's a big
not been confirmed by either the state department or the white house. senior u.s. officials are waiting. some visual confirmation of khaddafy's capture or death. until officials get that confirmation, either with an actual photograph or first-hand report from a u.s. asset they will not confirm anything. there are celebrations in the city of sirte this morning. it has been quite the last six months if you think about when all this started. i want to bring in two people here that are great experts on this stuff. steve clemmens and robin wright, from the woodrow wilson center. rob robin, you have sat face to face with moamar khaddafy. you were telling me you remember interviewing him back in 1980. this is a man who took power when richard nixon was president of the united states. i note the a.p. report, past reports, proven incorrect. nobody wants to jump to conclusion here, but. >> well he was forced out of power in tripoli. getting him was a long process of liberating libya. this is an important step whether he was captured or killed. the mere fact that they managed to take over his home
with us. we're going to talk to rachel. we're in the ninth year of the war. in an announcement, president obama told the american people the war in iraq was ending, definitively and absolutely the war is over. >> i can report that as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. over the next two months, our troops in iraq, tens of thousands of them, will pack up their gear and board envoys for the journey home. the last american soldier will cross the border out of iraq with their heads held high proud of their success and knowing that the american people stand united in our support for our troops. that is how america's military efforts in iraq will end. >> for as long as there has been an iraq war, for as long as there have been people arguing in favor of starting a war in iraq, there have been people on the other side of it arguing against it. one of those people arguing against it in very early stages was the man who announced today that that war was ending. and when president obama said this afternoon that it was ending, quote, as promised, he was ta
to be president of the united states. it's useful to just talk about what this means within the republican party when its us about today's party and where the heart of the party is less than a horse race dimensions of this. >> what are herman cain is doing is taking a lot of steam out of rick perry's sagging candidacy. he is blocking the anti-romney vote from coalescing behind anyone with a shot. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank, ;&2)qmartin. >> the economy looks to be growing. will congress rain on the parade? stay with us. ♪ [ dr. ling ] i need to get the results from the m.r.i. see if the blood work is ready. review ms. cooper's history. and i want to see katie before she goes home. [ male announcer ] with integrated healthcare solutions from dell, every patient file is where dr. ling needs it. now she can spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. ♪ dell. the power to do more. >>> the economic news as as positive as we have seen in sometime. both parties and congress can brag about passing a thin sliver of president obama's jobs plan. house speaker john boeh
. and retired four-star general barry mccaffrey. obviously, part of the problem for the u.s. and the white house is in the past reports of gadhafi's death have proved to be exaggerated, shall we say. aiman, obviously, you spent a lot of time in that region. what are we hearing about what happened in libya? >> we are getting reports from sources in sirte and in tripoli that moammar gadhafi has been killed. the details of how he was killed remain conflicting. there's reports there was a convoy trying to leave sirte. there are also reports he was captured first on the ground in some kind of underground tunnel and then killed at the hands of the rebels that did capture him. we have reports that his son, one of the leaders of the paramilitary forces in libya was also captured. he'll be able to shed light on the final days and hours and indeed what happened. >> jamie, indeed, what's the importance and the significance as we look at the larger context of the arab spring? >> it's a very big day. it's hard to imagine a bigger day in the context of the arab spring. the uprising in libya in which the peopl
want, i would have to say, benefits us the most. >> reporter: the line promises the same quality of service at more affordable prices. but before he opens a single door, rossano wants to know as much as possible about his potential clients. >> i have to study the demographics differently for expansion. i have to actually do it the old-fashioned way. i have to be in the area, presently, and looking for sites myself, and getting the feel of the area, studying what's important. are there schools around there. are there banks. are there, in some areas, community centers? >> and those aren't the only things he wants to know, either. >> we do look at the population of families. how many are in an average household. are people working in the area? >> rossano has spent hours talking with local real estate agents and developers. he even visits potential locations to see which businesses locals frequent the most. >> i actually sit in the parking lot. and i do that on usually every day of the week now. and i look at what would somebody be like? is it a busy center? we drive the area. we loo
a mexican online pharmacy like some of us do. it always ends badly. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >>> i don't think i've ever hired an illegal in my life. and so i'm afraid -- i'm looking forward to finding your facts on that. >> i'll tell you what the facts are. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> are they allowed to use their hands? you're not allowed to use your hands. i would hate to be able to zoom in right now. and see what's going on inside rick perry's head. to be fair -- from what i understand, that is the clip that is always playing inside rick perry's head. >>> good morning, welcome to "morning joe," it's thursday, october 20th. with us onset this morning, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. >> and also the managing editor of "fortune" magazine. >> what? what do you mean how he is he looking at you? >> like he has something really rude to say. >> no, i don't. >> are you sure? >> andy, it's good to see you. >> occupying "morning joe." >> you are occupying "morning joe." i hear there were only 200 there yesterday at certain times. >> comes and goes, ebbs and flows. >> we may have mo
there just got a little too slanted. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" tonight from new york. tensions are running high at some of the occupy events around the country, with arrests in atlanta, and tear gas being used in oakland. it's just like the good old days. people are protesting failed republican policies that have left the 99% behind. congressman paul ryan of wisconsin, though, thinks president obama is the one that's got the crowd all worked up. they are on the defensive. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. more than 100 protesters arrested in oakland last night. and the 99% movement isn't slowing down. in atlanta, georgia state senator vincent fort was arrested during the raid on occupy atlanta. tonight, he's my guest exclusively. >>> the mitt romney flip-flop on workers' rights in ohio is now a triple lindy. >> i'm sorry if i created confusion in that regard. i fully support governor kasich's -- i think it's called question two in ohio. >> i'll ask co
't succeed and pull the ladder of opportunity up. >> a lot of us when we are kids and our parents say to whom much is given, much is expected. with the 1% of the country protected by who is leading the charge in washington on the hill anyway. want to say the "new york times" columnist weighed in today on the wall street protests write this in the times. not the protesters who are trying to get heard, but the extremists are olegarks who want to suppress the sources of their wealth. how much can this go on? >> i thought that was bizarre. basically he's attacking people for criticizing occupy wall street. shocking. there is a left wing movement in america and conservative politicians disagree and don't like it. when the tea party was coming out and politicians were reasonable because it was conservative. >> isn't this what's expected? the other side is pushing back. it's this push and pull like a rubber band. >> the opponents are his opponents. big deal. the occupy wall street people are generating a lot of noise and the movement is growing and the measure of a success is not poll numbers of wha
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